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Drama teacher accused of secretly recording students

FAIRFAX, Va. (ABC7) — A Herndon High School drama teacher recorded as “as many as 10 victims, maybe more” using at least one hidden camera in the school, according to officials with the Fairfax County Police Department.

The case against 36-year-old Raphael Schklowsky began back in April when he was arrested by Fairfax County Police.

According to court documents, an au pair told police she found a hidden camera in a basement bedroom she rented in his home. That victim told investigators she found the camera inside an A/C vent.

Detectives then seized 32 electronic devices from his home, and say those devices held more than 3500 videos. (by ABC7, June 2019 -


Schools are particularly at risk here. Covert cameras are available on sites such as eBay for as little as $20. It is now time for schools and other educational institutions to consider the safety and privacy of their students.

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