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Mum found camera hidden inside coffee shop toilet

The Metro have recently reported another hidden camera discovery in a coffee shop toilet, this time, in the UK.

The person who found the device sent the details to an instagram account owner who has in excess of 21,000 followers.

The story written by Basit Mahmood of Metro newspaper follows:

hidden camera in toilet
Stacey Shah found the camera hidden under the sink of the Costa Coffee toilet (Picture: BPM)

A mum who took her two young sons to the toilet at a Costa Coffee store, was shocked to find a hidden camera inside the toilet. Police were called to the coffee shop at the Riverside Retail Park in Chelmsford, Essex, on Friday, June 14, when customer Stacey Shah raised the alarm. The mum had been shopping at the retail park with her husband and children, before going to Costa Coffee for lunch. However, after taking her boys to the toilet she made the shocking discovery while taking pictures as part of an Instagram campaign she was supporting. Ms Shah had been taking the pictures in order to highlight cleaner public toilet spaces, part of the #betterbogscampaign promoted by Instagram user Sister Pledge Cleans, who has over 21,000 followers.

Stacey says she put tissues over the camera, worried someone might go in the toilet after her (Picture: Stacey Shah / BPM Media)

‘As soon as I realised it was a hidden camera I stood there for a while because I never expected to find it and my boys were in there with me.’ After Stacey raised the alarm, appropriate action was taken to remove the camera from the toilet in the coffee shop. (Basit Mahmood, Metro June 2019 -

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