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What to Expect from a Bug Sweep

Our founder and International Security Consultant, Michael Chandler, recently took part in a promotional video for TSCM International to demonstrate what our clients can expect once they engage our technical surveillance countermeasures or bug sweeping services.

Below is the video followed by a transcript.

Hello. My name is Michael Chandler. I'm the founder of TSCM international and the author of the internationally selling book technical surveillance countermeasures. We've recorded this video today to let you know what it is you can expect should you decide to go ahead with a bug sweep in your home. We'll be going around the property and discussing various issues and various rooms that will directly impact you as a result of you engaging our services. So let's go have a look. One of the things you should be aware of is our operatives will want to search behind plug sockets and light switches. For this reason, we may ask if you have access to the main fuse board in the property. Now you should be aware that this will turn off your TVs, computers, and any other electrical components within the property that are plugged into the mains. So if that is going to cause you an issue or for whatever reason you don't want to have that turned off or if in fact you don't know where this is, then don't worry, just inform them that one of those scenarios is the case and they'll work around it for you.

One of the more frequently asked questions that we receive is how do I know that you're definitely going to find something if it's there i.e. if there's a concealed by the device, how do I know that you're definitely going to find it? Now the answer to that question is really simple. We are so confident in the equipment that we use and the methods that we utilise that we offer a unique service guarantee that's unique to us as an organisation that says if something is overlooked or if you find something that we've not found or someone else does, then we will offer you double your money back. Yes, we will give you double the money back that you've paid as part of that service guarantee. Now, there are some terms of conditions that comes with this guarantee, but you can take a look at the full agreement at the link on this video now - now, if that doesn't make you feel confident, I don't know what will.

One of the frequently asked questions that we get is how long will the sweep take. Now of course this depends and varies subject to a number of factors and that includes of course the size of the property, but even that then doesn't really answer the question because all properties are different. It really depends on the layout and the shape of the property along with the sort of the amount of furniture within the property and some other things as well. The reality is a two bedroom apartment could take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours to do a competent sweep. Another thing that we ask is that all of our clients ensure that there are minimal amount of people in the property at any one time during the time of the sweep. The reason we ask this is twofold, really. One, to minimise the amount of signals within the property that is from mobile, telephones, smartwatches or any other such devices, and secondly to avoid as much disruption as we can so that we can provide you with the most quickest and effective service possible.

One of the things you be aware of is that for a period of time you will be requested to turn off all signal emitting devices. That includes wifi, FM radios, TVs, laptops, smartwatches, telephones, landline telephones, and a number of other items that may be sending out a signal. The reason for this, not to bore you, but as part of our radio frequency detection tests, we have to isolate all wifi or any other signal emitting devices. This is an extremely important search method and it's something that you need to be aware of, of course, because it will potentially disrupt your day.

The detection equipment we use can sometimes be a little bit noisy. They often give out, uh, squelched sounding noises, beeps vibrations and something that generally sounds like white noise. There's no real way around this and because of that, it's not possible for us to conduct the sweep without other people in the property being aware of it. So that's something you should be aware of because it's a frequently asked question. So this is the master bedroom of the property I wanted to bring to this room in particular because for obvious reasons it's one of the more sensitive rooms within a household and there are a few things that will directly impact you should you engage our services. Firstly, our operative or operatives will almost certainly look inside your wardrobes drawers underneath the bed and any other storage units that you may have. We do this to ensure that nothing is overlooked however, if you don't want them rummaging around your items inside of those units I've just mentioned, then simply let them know and they may be able to work around it with a different alternative search technique.

One of the things that we always do is ask our clients to ensure that the property in general is in a reasonably clean state. That means that there isn't clutter everywhere, which has a health and safety risk, but also that it's reasonably clean so we can walk around and conduct the service as quickly and as swiftly as possible.

And of course, the most frequently asked question of all, how much is it going to cost? Well, I can't tell you that now because over time it will vary of course, but if you want to get in touch with us, we'll be happy to provide you with an accurate quotation. You can contact us by telephone, email, secure messaging via WhatsApp or by completing the online form on our website, requesting a free quotation. TSCM international is a global business, but it's also a family run business. We value each and every one of our clients regardless of the size. We are available 24 hours a day and we're happy to answer any questions that you may have and provide you with an accurate quotation once you reach out to us. Thank you for watching and we look forward to hearing from you.

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