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TSCM International in Singapore

TSCM International is proud to announce the official opening of our office in Singapore This marks an important milestone in the growth of the business as our first office in Asia. Over the last two years, TSCM International has focused on expansion with offices in London, Sydney, Toronto and now Singapore.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is the provision of bug sweeping services for private residences, offices, cars, yachts and practically anywhere that you are concerned about being monitored.

Our specialist operatives, who are trained in forensic awareness and evidence handling, will search for All types of Bugging Devices including Listening Devices Recording Devices Covert/ Hidden Cameras Wire taps Mobile Phone Spy Software identifying how the intelligence is populated PC, Laptop & Tablet Spyware And vehicle tracking devices.

Our unique service comes with a full report, excellent customer service and an after care package Contact us today for a free quotation.

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