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Woman Secretly Recorded and Posted to Pornographic Site

Story by The Evening Express - North-East pervert secretly filmed woman using hidden camera

A north-east pervert used a hidden camera to make secret videos of a woman getting dressed.

Mark Sutherland was caught when another woman contacted police after discovering explicit images had been uploaded to a pornographic website. Officers investigating that matter searched through 43-year-old Sutherland’s phone and discovered the covert videos.

Fiscal depute Susan Love told Aberdeen Sheriff Court the woman received a message from a friend advising that images of her were on a pornographic website. Ms Love said: “The woman accessed the website and on doing so she found 21 images of herself.”

The woman searched online for the username of the account which had uploaded the images and found a number of social media accounts linked to Sutherland. Police were contacted and executed a search warrant at Sutherland’s address. Sutherland was cautioned and arrested. Various laptops, tablets and phones belonging to him were seized and examined and officers discovered seven video files on his phone of a second woman getting dressed. Ms Love said: “From the videos, it appeared that the camera had been set up so as to record her getting dressed.”

Sutherland, whose address was given in court papers as Kingfisher Crescent, Inverurie, pled guilty to uploading images of the first woman partially clothed and naked to the website while intending to cause her, or being reckless as to whether she would be caused fear, alarm or distress. He also admitted using his mobile phone recording images of the second woman’s naked body.

Defence agent Gregor Kelly said his client had made “full admissions” to the officers who interviewed him. He added Sutherland had uploaded the images to the website because he had “an addiction” and it was for “attention” and “acceptance”. Quoting his client, Mr Kelly said: “I had an addiction. I stopped uploading images because I knew I shouldn’t be doing it. I know I should have deleted the page.” Mr Kelly added: “My understanding is there was no monetary gain. “There was an element of titillation on his part. He meant no harm to the woman but accepts he was reckless as to causing her fear, alarm or distress.”

In relation to the videos filmed with the hidden camera, Mr Kelly said his client was “not trying in any way to justify it”, adding: “He accepts that he has a problem. He has an addiction.”

The solicitor added Sutherland felt “remorse” for his actions.

Mr Kelly also said Sutherland suffered from “low self-worth” at the time and was “isolated” after losing touch with friends. Sheriff Ian Wallace said the offences would have had a “significant impact” on the women.

He imposed a £1,000 fine and three years supervision on Sutherland. He also ordered him to take part in the Moving Forward Making Changes programme and made a conduct requirement for him to allow inspection of his mobile phone, computer, or any other device capable of accessing the internet.

Sutherland was made subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act for three years.


If someone you don't know or trust has to have access to your home, try to remain with them at all times. However, if you do suspect a device has been hidden in your home please contact us for assistance

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