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Images of Minors Found in Hidden Camera Investigation

Story by WKYT - Graves Co. man faces charges in hidden camera investigation; images of minors found

WATER VALLEY, Ky. (WKYT) – A Water Valley man has been arrested after an investigation into reports that he had placed hidden cameras in people’s homes.

The cameras were reportedly placed in homes in both Graves County and Weakley County, Tennessee. Investigators say the suspect, 32-year-old Roman Trujillo had permission to be in the homes when the cameras were installed.

Investigators say they recovered images from the cameras that had images of numerous people. Some video cameras were also recovered.

Deputies say seven juveniles were among the victims, and that they were recorded on at least 27 images.

Trujillo was arrested Friday around noon, and charged with 27 counts of promoting a minor in a sexual performance.


If you suspect a listening or recording device has been hidden in your home, contact us immediately to find out how we can help

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