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Window Fitter Spies on Family

Story by WNBC 4 New York - NJ Contractor Installs Hidden Camera in Family's Bathroom: Police

A contractor who installed a new window for a New Jersey family has been arrested after the residents found a hidden camera inside their bathroom, according to police.

Paramus police on Thursday said officers arrested 47-year-old Romeo Sanchez of West New York last month and charged him with Invasion of Privacy.

Sanchez was hired by a Paramus resident to replace a window in their home, according to police. The resident reported to police on Aug. 25 that they had found a "suspicious electronic device" in their bathroom. It was later determined that the device was a micro camera with a micro SD card that had been install in the bathroom wall, police said.

Inside the SD card, detectives found several videos of the victim’s bathroom and other footage of another unidentified bathroom. Sanchez allegedly admitted to detectives that he had placed the camera in the bathroom and had planned on retrieving it when he returned to the home. Police say he confessed that the other bathroom seen in the memory card was another location in Wayne, New Jersey, where he had done contractor work.


Always ensure you check the credentials of anyone entering your home and try to ensure you use a reputable contractor. However if you do have concerns that a device has been hidden in your home, contact us to discuss how we can help.


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