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Listening Device Planted in Peterborough Home

Story by Cambridgeshire Live - Peterborough man used child's key to break into ex's home and plant listening device

A Peterborough man planted a listening device in his ex-partner's home before going on to take hundreds of pounds worth of cash from her bank account.

Pawel Paczynski, 46, broke up with his partner of 13 years back in January 2018.

At around 8am on May 2 last year, 2019, his ex-partner left her Peterborough home to go to work. However, at around 11.30am the woman, in her 30s, received a message from the bank to say money had been withdrawn using her credit card.

The victim phoned the bank who confirmed that £500 had been withdrawn and further attempts had also been made. Knowing that she kept the credit card in a particular drawer at her house, the victim travelled back home to check if the card had been stolen.

When she got to her house, the victim saw no signs of forced entry but when she checked in the drawer, the card was gone.

It was then that she noticed other items around the house had been moved, including an extension lead which had been replaced. At this point, the victim contacted the police and scenes of crime officers attended the property. A search of the premises found a listening device had been planted within the extension lead with a sim card attached to it.

The victim told officers that only Paczynski knew the pin for her credit card and would have had access to her home through their child's set of keys.

The next day when officers attended Paczynski's home to arrest him, he was found in possession of cocaine. A search of his home and car also found cannabis, a number of fake ID cards and a can of pepper spray that Paczynski later claimed he found on the street and picked up to prevent it harming anyone else.

Further inquiries also established that a mobile phone registered to Paczynski's name had been in communication with the sim card attached to the listening device found in the victim's home.

Paczynski, of Saltmarsh, Orton Malborne, denied charged of possession of identity documents with intent, fraud by false representation, possession of a weapon for the discharge of noxious liquid, possession of class A and B drugs and two counts of burglary.

Following a trial, he was found guilty.

Paczynski was sentenced to three years in prison at Cambridge Crown Court on September 30.


If you suspect someone has planted a listening device in your home, call us for a discussion about how we can help.

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