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Man Pleads Guilty After Hidden Camera Found in Rental Home Bathroom

Story by Daily Camera - Lafayette man accused of planting hidden camera in bathroom takes plea deal

A Lafayette man accused of planting a hidden camera in a woman’s bathroom has taken a plea deal in his case.

Ryan Gabriel Pacheco, 24, pleaded guilty Friday to second-degree burglary and invasion of privacy for sexual gratification, according to court records. Prosecutors dismissed one additional burglary count, an additional invasion of privacy count and one count of attempted burglary in exchange for the plea.

Pacheco, who is out of custody on a $1,000 cash bond, is set for sentencing on Nov. 6.

According to an arrest affidavit, a woman called Lafayette police in February after she found a hidden camera in a basement bathroom at the home she was renting.

The woman told police she suspected Pacheco, though the nature of her relationship with him and the reason she suspected it was Pacheco was redacted in the affidavit. Police told the woman and her roommate not to alert Pacheco or the landlord about the camera until they could investigate.

The next day, the roommate saw Pacheco at the front door before he ran off. A neighbor also told police she saw Pacheco at the door before he fled.

Police went to Pacheco’s house and arrested him later that day. Pacheco admitted he had been at the women’s house, but said he was there to play with a dog.


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