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Stalker Ex-Boyfriend Hid Listening Device In Ex-Girlfriends Home

Story by The Metro - Stalker hid listening bug under ex-girlfriend’s sofa

A STALKING victim discovered that her obsessed ex-boyfriend had planted a listening device under her sofa to spy on her, a court heard.

The 21-year-old found the device after Tamas Harsanyi had sent her a faked message, made to look as if it had come from the police.

When she scoffed with friends at the text, he sent another saying ‘why are you laughing’ and she realised he had to be bugging her home. Harsanyi, 29, met his victim when they both worked at The Farm House pub in West Malling, Kent, magistrates were told.

He was ‘very keen’ for their romance to succeed and wasn’t able to accept it was over. He told a probation officer he was ‘addicted to her’ but is now ‘remorseful and regretful’. Maidstone magistrates heard Harsanyi had used ‘sophisticated’ tactics to stalk the woman, including by downloading number-masking phone software. He also followed her and sent messages to her relatives, including her mother.

He admitted stalking causing serious alarm and distress and was sentenced to 84 days in prison, suspended for 12 months. He was also ordered to complete a 20-day rehabilitation course and given a restraining order preventing him contacting her or going near where she lives for two years.

In an impact statement the victim said she feels ‘jumpy’ at night and checks if Harsanyi is outside. She said she has become ‘very paranoid’ and worries about his ‘unpredictability’.

The court heard Harsanyi, of West Malling, is now in a relationship with another woman. (Metro, February 2020 -


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