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Woman Finds Hidden Camera in Her Shower

Story By 95.3MNC - Hidden camera found in woman’s shower leads to Michigan City man’s arrest

A man from Michigan City is facing a felony voyeurism charge for hiding a camera inside a woman’s shower.

Jacob Williams, 22, was arrested last week.

The woman told police she was getting ready to take a shower when Williams, who she knew, asked if he could use her restroom first.

After Williams left, the woman noticed a rubbing alcohol bottle with a hole cut out in front.

When she picked up the bottle, she discovered a video camera inside. When she finished her shower, Williams knocked on her bedroom door, at which point the woman walked to a nearby gas station, where she called police.

An investigation revealed the camera had footage from multiple women.

95.3MNC, September 2020 -


You should always be aware of who you are letting into your home, especially personal areas like bathrooms and bedrooms. However if you think someone has gained access and is potentially recording you without your knowledge please contact us to find out how we can assist.

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